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Establishing residency in Monaco is not usually an easy process, and it always takes time. So, be prepared to spend at least four to six or more months completing the process. Professional assistance can sometime expedite the process, but this can not be guaranteed. This category provides baxic information on establishing residency in the Principality.

Anyone over 16 wishing to remain in Monaco for more than three months at a time or reside there must hold a residence card ("carte de sejour" in French). See Sovereign Decree No. 3153 of March 19, 1964.

Persons requiring a carte de sejour must apply for one, and its issuance is discretionary with the relevant authorities of both France and Monaco. The requirements for obtaining a carte de sejour differ depending on whether the applicant is a national of a Eurpoean Union member state or not and, if not an EU national, whether the applicant has a French carte de sejour.