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Welcome to the Monaco Lawyer website, a place where you can learn about the laws of Monaco, see them in their original French language, see an unofficial translation of them into English, and discuss them in English.

Although Monaco is a very small place (it is one-third the size of Central Park in Manhattan in New York City), it is a very old (since 1297) sovereign nation with its own laws, its own courts, its own organized bar, and its own system of justice, rules, and regulations. Generally, but not always, Monaco law tends to follow its French counterparts. The study of Monaco's legal system can be very interesting. Hopefully, this website will contribute to that study.

The sponsor of this site is the Monaco Office of Berg and Duffy, LLP. You can find more about Monaco on the Berg and Duffy website by clicking here. You can also find information about current events in Monaco on the Monaco Monitor Blog by clicking here.

As the laws of Monaco are not static but change as needs, circumstances, and societal interests change, this website will always be under construction.