Income Taxation

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Monaco is not a "tax haven", but its income tax rates are generally low and do not always apply. When they apply, there are often many exemptions and other ways to minimize the tax due.
Normally, individuals pay no tax on earnings from personal services, such as, from consulting. Thus, lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc., pay no income taxes in Monaco. However, by treaty with France that may, at some point be abrogated, French nationals who have taken residency in Monaco after 1958, pay income tax as if in France.

Businesses also do not pay income taxes, unless more than 25% of their turnover is outside Monaco. Businesses with more than 25% of their turnover outside Monaco pay taxes similar to those they would pay if in France.

The question of whether activities are within Monaco, and hence not counted for turnover outside Monaco, is not always an easy one to answer. Nor are the answers always intuitive. Thus, it is wise to consult professional counsel in this regard.